Instrument Repairs

Dart Aeronautical offers repairs, overhauls, recalibrations and recertification to all aircraft instrumentation, including Altimeters, Airspeed Indicators, various Temperature Gauges/Pressure Gauges and Airpath Compasses. Dart Aeronautical also services Air-Driven Gyroscopes and Electric Remote Vertical Directional Gyros and Compass Systems, as well as Autopilot components from Servos to Computers and many-many more. All repaired units will leave looking like new, backed by a heart-warming warranty.


Dart Aeronautical carries agencies on most of the popular aviation brands, which enables us to offer competitive pricing when it comes to the supply of a system or instrumentation. Whether installing a single unit or a fully integrated instrument/avionics package, Dart Aeronautical is an expert in its field with over two decades of experience. Our CAA licensed technicians and installers produce a modern, user friendly package tailored to the aircraft and the pilot.

Providing more than just an installation, Dart Aeronautical supplies the best after sale support to ensure that all installations and future service are trouble free. You can always expect reliable deadlines and budgets when you contract Dart Aeronautical to refurbish, repair or maintain your aircraft instruments, autopilots, gyroscopes or avionics. You’ll also appreciate our friendly service and advice from professionals when upgrading your current equipment.

Dart Aeronautical specializes in layout, fabrication of all avionic panels and system refurbishments where only the highest quality material, parts and equipment are used. Work is always done in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, with the highest quality and safety in mind.
Contact us and we will provide you with all the different options on new autopilots, avionics systems, backup systems and standby package installations to suit your needs and make flying a breeze.

Panel Refurbishments

An instrument panel covered in INOP stickers and other markers peeling off looks unpleasant. At Dart Aeronautical we provide a full service when it comes to your panel, including stripping down to the metal, spraying and laser engraving.

Dart Aeronautical manufactures new panels, reducing the clutter when you upgrade, to provide a flowing panel layout for ease of use, which is still soft on the eyes.
All the panel work is done to your specifications, from the color of the panel to the color of the lettering. With our help you are sure to have a customized panel that not only looks great but is functional at the same time.