PS Engineering Dealership

PS Engineering

Dart Aeronautical is proud to announce that we are now dealers for PS Engineering, Inc.

PS Engineering has been leading innovators in the field of audio control systems since 1985. Over thirty years in investing into audio control has given the company a wealth of knowledge of what makes a great audio system for the cockpit environment.

According to the Aircraft Electronics Association’s Retrofit Survey, PS Engineering is the dominant supplier of audio control systems. Almost half of all audio control systems (intercoms and audio panels) purchased today come from PS Engineering.

PS Engineering doesn’t make GPS, transponders, or auto pilots. Audio control is their one and only mission. With this type of product focus, it’s no wonder why PS Engineering holds more patents in the audio control field for General Aviation than any other company.

Take a look at the firsts — PS Engineering has been the source for virtually every major innovation in the field of aircraft audio avionics.

  • First to implement USAF’s Multitalker Dimension Sound (IntelliAudio®)
  • First to have true hands-free VOX system, the IntelliVox®
  • First to provide Swap capability
  • First to fully integrate music with Soft Mute™where music mute function is controllable
  • First to provide individually adjustable VOX circuitry
  • First to use DSP to record aircraft radio transmissions for playback in the cockpit, known as the IRS™.
  • First to provide an integrated aural warning system into an audio panel.
  • First ever to receive approval under FAA C50c.
  • First to introduce an FAA approved stereo audio panel with intercom and marker beacons, all in the same unit.
  • First to introduce AMP™, (Active Microphone Processor) a system that removes noise from the microphone.

For more information about PS Engineering and their products, please feel free to visit their website:

For any pricing on products, please contact us at Dart Aeronautical, and we would be happy to provide you with a quotation on an audio control system to suit your needs.