Garmin Launches Garmin Pilot Webinar

Garmin is hosting an Aviation Webinar this week to further educate Dealers and Customers about the great NEW Features of Garmin Pilot Global

Garmin Pilot Global continues to expand with new features and capabilities, and we would like to invite all our customers to attend a unique webinar hosted by Garmin’s product experts. The Webinar will be hosted on Wednesday August 31st at 19:00 SAST (17:00 GMT), and will feature extensive information regarding Garmin’s NEW features such as integration with Jeppesen® Charts, NEW European VFR Charts, European VFR Flight Plan Filing, and more!

Garmin Pilot Global Webinar1
Join us on Wednesday, August 31st at 19:00 SAST (17:00 GMT) for a Garmin Pilot Global webinar taught by one of our experts. Click on the Link below to go to the registration page.

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